4uToner.com Explains How to Save On Your Toner Expenses

There’s no doubt that toner is the costliest part of having a laser printer in your home or office. Statistics show that the typical lifespan of a laser printer is approximately 5 years. Over that 5 year time span, you’ll pay 7 times as much for toner & toner cartridges as you disbursed for your laser printers. If you laser printer lasts over 5 years, you’ll pay even more.

Below listed are a few ways to help you save on your toner expenses.

1 – Before you buy a replacement toner cartridge, perform a little homework. You should know what kind of toner or toner cartridge you’re purchasing. Everyone’s printing requirements are different. For instant, you may wish to employ one kind of toner for draft printing & employ a high quality toner for your final print. In spite of what you think to do, you’ll always save cash when you make an informed buying decision.

2 – Purchase compatible toner cartridges. Keep in mind that, compatible toner cartridges are brand new cartridges manufactured by 3rd party firms. They’re made to the precise OEM spec of your laser-printer. The technology of manufacturing for compatible toner cartridges has improved significantly in the last few years. The technology employed by the compatible toner firms is as good as the technology employed by premier printer makers.

3 – Purchase remanufactured toner. Third-party printer firms manufacture remanufactured toners. They take void toner cartridges, devoid any excessive toner waste & then refill the cartridge with the toner manufactured for your printer. These toner cartridges are then put through a quality check process to make sure the drum & other cartridge parts are properly working.

4- Purchase a toner refill kit. A toner refill kit offers you the tools & instructions needed to refill your personal toner cartridge. It generally requires less than 10 minutes. Be certain to pursue the step-by-step instructions cautiously. You can anticipate to refill a toner about 3 times before it should be substituted.

5 – Substitute the toner drum rather than the whole cartridge. Numerous toner cartridges enable you to substitute just the drum in place of the entire cartridge. And replacing only the drum will save you money for sure.

6 – Purchase in bulk. You can generally save money on your toner by bulk purchasing. For instance, you can buy more 5 or 6 toner cartridges in place of a single piece. You can buy multiple toner to refill your toner cartridge. Once you’ve a toner refill kit, all you require in the future is the toner. You can generally avail the toner from the same firm where you bought your toner refill kit.


Manufacturing and Using Toners With A Focus On Health And Environment

Health as well as environmental perspectives is neglected, when toner cartridges are thrown away to enhance the count of landfill. Do remember it takes years’ time for the cartridges to dissemble and disintegrate. While some toner cartridges are refillable and reusable, similar doesn’t hold true for many others. As a result of this, users are only left with the option for discarding. In order to mitigate and minimize wastage and other hazardous health repercussions, the focus has to be on recycling. Thrust on recycling happens to be the driving motivation of Ricoh Toner by 4uToner. That’s because the facility in charge of manufacturing, designing and development are thoroughly committed to the causes of environment.


The scheme is committed to the cause of eco-friendliness

As a user or customer, you are provided with a packaged option for recycling. So, as and when you purchase, you can make use of this option. By choosing to include yourself in the recycling proposal, you can put a curb on environmental and health repercussions. As a matter of fact, every organization has certain socio-environmental guidelines to comply with. Mitigating wastage is as important as arresting environmental disasters. The scheme gives you the option to safeguard environment. Not only this, by making use of this recycling proposal, you can safeguard your employees’ health. Curtailing cost and enhancing productivity are sure to feature on your list of priorities. Even with regard to these, the scheme is sure to help you substantially. In order to avail of the option of returning and recycling, you are expected to register yourself at the company’s portal. Thereafter, you can scroll your way through the instructions, for returning the used toner cartridges. But before seeking registration, you can enquire into the deals and details by going through the web portal 4utoners.com

Why Buy Authentic Canon Laser Printer Cartridges

Why Buy Authentic Canon Laser Printer Cartridges

Some things are made for each other. Canon toners are designed to work flawlessly with Canon printer to offer you with the performance and high-quality print out you anticipate. Genuine canon toner makes sure uncompromised outcomes.

Xerox Color Toner CartridgesOriginal Canon cartridges assure supreme print quality. They encompass all the necessary print elements that possess a defined life, so whenever you substitute you cartridge your appliance is almost as good as new.

With genuine Canon cartridges you obtain the guarantee that each cartridge will offer out-of-the-box performance. Refilled cartridges mayn’t print the same standard as the new Canon cartridge since its internal compounds may be fully or partially exhausted.

Manufacturing & assembling toner cartridges is an intricate practice involving several hundred procedures. However, Canon has initiated a single automatic production unit which employs ultra-modern production technology to develop the high-quality cartridges that consumers expect.

Ignore hideous lines:

The photosensitive drum component is one of the most responsive units in the printer. Original Canon cartridges make sure that toner doesn’t amass on the drum as well as the fixing roller. This ignores hideous lines, grey or blurring background and spoils your printer. Authentic canon toner assures the appropriate functioning of the drum unit, consequence in clean, crisp documents every time.

Cleaner Workspace:

The exceptional roller-charging technology of Canon makes sure ozone free discharges. This technology isn’t injurious to the environment or human health and even makes your cartridges more compact as lesser parts are needed. Furthermore, all canon toner & cartridges are recyclable – which means that they don’t need processing or special treatment. They can be easily recycled as part of your typical workplace waste.

Be cautious of counterfeit canon cartridges:

Counterfeit cartridges are packed to look as though they’ve been made by Canon or with the approval of Canon, but that is not true. The manufacture & sale of fake Canon cartridges is unlawful.

For your knowledge the print ability of fake cartridges that Canon has acquired and tested, varies from 28-69 percent to authentic Canon cartridges. So, be careful! Always try to buy canon cartridges from a reputed supplier.

Better Toner for Better Printing Services at Affordable Rate

If you are failing to attain a good quality toner for your printer at your local market, you may prefer to opt for buying better quality of toners from various reputed brands through online marketing. One can attain Xante toner, OKI toner, Brother Toner, Canon toner, and a lot more brands at appropriate prices. Buying toners through online stores is a better way of attaining best quality of official products at reasonable prices. This is because of the reason because local shops at your local markets will prefer to keep only those brands which are in higher demand in their vicinity. However, one may not like the brand that are available in the local market and may prefer to buy the toner of some other brand for their printer.

The better quality of toner ascertains better services for official and professional printing systems. However, if you are looking for a good quality of toner at affordable prices to be used for the printer at your home, you may opt to buy some lighter cheaper toner. An online store for official equipments and commodities will offer a huge range of brands and it will also offer various profitable deals and options. One may buy better quality of toners at cheaper rates by making benefits of various discount offers and free coupons offered by the online stores. Online marketing for products used in offices offer many more advantages. One is not required to roam around the city to find out the appropriate dealer to attain all kinds of stuff that are to be used in their offices. Making a list of materials required in an office on your official computer is easier and one can directly order all the necessities at one-stop online shop to attain all official material required.


Buying official products through online stores also offer the chance of attaining all these requirements along with specific toners from specific brands at wholesale prices. It should be noted that even online wholesale prices prove to be cheaper than the wholesale prices at a local market. This is because of the reason that unlike a wholesale dealer in a local market, an online wholesale dealer will not have to maintain the shop and its expenses. One may also attain profits of free shipping for their online deals for official products. An online store will offer all ranges of toners from all brands and one can attain Xante toner or OKI toner, and if they prefer to buy Brother toner, they may attain that too. On the other hand, local shops often try to force a choice on the local consumer. In general, local shops prefer to keep stock of one or two brands of toners and one may find canon toner or HP toners at the local shops.

Buying Xante toner or brother toner through online shops is preferable because one can compare the prices of these toners available at local shops and other online shops too so that they may attain the best and cheapest deal. One can attain canon toner or OKI toner at least possible rates through online shopping.

Ricoh Has Always Come Up with persistent quality toner

In case print quality and speed are not enough to go for Ricoh toner and products over others then I don’t know what is you are looking for. Ricoh has made it tough for other companies to race with their persistent designs that keep showing up in more and more work place.


The printers themselves can manage to handle huge work-loads due to the robustness of the machine and prolonged existence of toners. The task handling capacity for Ricoh printers is in fact quite good. There is no such printer available in the market with as large of paper trays in all Ricoh printers. This machine holds great fortitude against anything that is thrown its way at it. It works at high speeds and offers you with faultless results. The toners are vivid bright and striking. The black is sharp, bold and strong. The potential are endless with a printer made by such an indomitable company.

HP Toner

Let’s talk about the toner cartridges, although they last a very long period, can be replaced effortlessly. The leak proof cartridges can be changed all at once or one color at a time to save you your hard earned bucks. If it gets to the point where catridge require to be changed but you haven’t had a chance to do it up till now, the printer will take it upon itself to make the choice and start printing in black and white for you.

Ricoh has many other tricks up its sheath. The Ricoh Aficio can print at speeds of up to 40 pages per minute and grip 1200 sheets at a time. It can hold large orders due to the 512 MB RAM memory capacity. This machine is in charge and definitely large. It is an expedient machine to have for a large work place. I mean, its print size range is from 3.5″ x 5.8″ to 12″ x 17″. This provides you a lot of room to print almost anything comes to your mind. Transparencies, envelopes, plain paper, labels, recycled paper and banners can all be printed using this. You can connect your printers to the print server and remotely print with WI-FI or Ethernet connection. The dots per inch are 1200×1200 so you can even print high quality photographs with this.

It is beyond description what the Ricoh toners can do for you and your business. It is such a convenient and fast machine that not one person should have the capability to say anything unenthusiastic about it. In case you want to save some bucks and improve your business further then Ricoh toner and printer supplies might be precisely what you require. If you want great quality Ricoh Toner you need to search for a genuine online store like 4U Toner.


Why genuine Xerox toner cartridges are productive.

Using genuine Xerox toner and in in a Xerox printer ensure that the prints delivered are of high quality and in good consistent. Xerox toner by 4utoner are genuine hence they are more reliable and produce quality prints. Why should you purchase an inexpensive aftermarket toner and ink for negligible short term savings which will be of repetitively replaced leading to more expensive? Get a genuine Xerox toner and ink which will improve your overall productivity.

Xerox toner cartridges are known to be intelligent and the interface with your printer to provide important status information keep your work processes more productive and timely. The status features in the Xerox printer include toner gas gauge which provide visibility of remaining toner life, average coverage which better the understanding the toner usage of your documents. The printer also have page count features which record the number of pages printed to date. This help project preventive maintenance or replacement of long life consumables.


The Xerox printer also has toner low or toner empty alert which notify the user when a Xerox toner cartridge is near empty so that a replacement can be ordered. The printer also has last date feature which record the first and last day the cartridges was used. All these inbuilt features enhance the performance and functionality of your print device. The Xerox printers are also capable to send a warning message when non-genuine supplies are detected, through you are able to protect your printer from possible damage.

These Xerox toners are manufactured to the highest standardsto consistently deliver sharp and optimal print quality. Xerox toners have several benefits which cannot be compared with any other. The toner operates with low energy costs, sharper image quality and improved fine lines and text. They also offer higher device reliability and lower service costs with oil less fusing, the printer also has faster printer warm up time and has less wastage.

The toner is developed in such a way that it maximizes the entire printing process which includes the imaging drum and fuser components. Xerox toner are much better than any other toners due to their design which integrate them to respective Xerox printers. The Xerox toners by 4utoners are also safe and non-toxic making them the best in the market. When you are choosing Xerox toners you are choosing and advanced printing technology. Make your printing business more productive and effective today!

Choosing the right OKI Toner cartridge by 4UToner

Choosing the right printer toner can be challenging a times, with so many varieties available to choose from, and at the same time individual toners with an almost possible combination of those variations available. If you are looking for the right category of the OKI toner cartridge then you are the right place. Here you will get the right model that is compatible with a specific printers and you will be given step by step instructions on how to install them.

When you are choosing an OKI toner cartridges, first you are supposed to understand the various categories of printer available in the market. Printers are categorized by the purpose they are going to do, intend use (for home use or office), and also categorized according to technology application. To get the right printer, make sure you have defined you need around these three options.

If you categorize printers by purpose, the general purpose models are meant for general services like printing text, graphics, and photos. Special printer purpose printers include the 3D printers and there also the portable printers. For those who want a model to print for example photos, you have to consider whether you want to print only photos or you want a printer that can produce other kinds of output.

After choosing the right printer now you have to choose the right toner cartridge. Toner is a type of powder used in printers and photocopier machines and is usually sold in cartridges that can either be colored or black. There are several things you are supposed to check when you are looking for the right OKI toner cartridges for your printer. First you have to check the type of printer you have, then you are supposed to check your budget for the toner, and then buy a toner which suits you.

In most cases, a lot of buyers identify the type of toner cartridge they want and then set a budget for it. Some people find it a bit difficult to find the right toner cartridge size, model or who will help in the selection process. But if you have complete information about your printer, you can easily select the type of printer toner you want. For example if you have an OKI printer, you have to go for an OKI imageclass toner which is compatible to it and not a Samsung toner.

The toner you buy depends on the manufacturer specifications on the printer. To save money when you are looking for good toner, make sure you check 4utoner for assistance.

Samsung Toner Cartridges By 4utoner: Don’t Be Fooled By Counterfeit Cartridges.

Samsung toner cartridges by 4utoner offers prints high quality, consistent performance, easy to use design, and a robust page yield for improved workflow and added value. If you are looking for crisp, sharp, and professional results, make sure that you acquire a Samsung toner cartridges since it is designed to get all these features. The cartridge is designed to ensure vibrant output from the first page to the last page. They are also designed in such a way that they are easy to install thus providing cost-effective, reliable operation and sharp, professional results every time they are in use.

Why should you opt for a genuine Samsung toner cartridges by 4utoner? The reasons are more than enough; genuine Samsung toner cartridges mean a product which is specifically designed for your device. You will enjoy the ease of use, reliable operations, and maximum productivity every time. When you order a Samsung toner cartridges by 4utoner, you are going to get delivery on time with a full manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind. The toner has a unique design which ensure they are easy to maintain and install.


Genuine toner cartridges are made by original equipment manufacturer for their machines. You have to be sure when you are making an order of a toner cartridges; it is of your machine specifications. Every cartridge has a recommended machine where they work better or suit.

If you are looking to make an order of a Samsung toner, delivery is usually done on the next business day mean you get your order quick and on time. For customers in remote of far-flung destinations and customers who opt for post-delivery you may experience some delays but be assured that there is always a quick way to get you toner delivered. Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal direct bank deposit or internet banking.

4utoner offers a wide range of toner cartridges. Hence, you are sure to find all the cartridges you need for other printers you may have. Get great savings by doing business with 4utoner. Why not enjoy great prices and quick delivery when you order genuine Samsung toner cartridge from 4utoner. Make as many prints as you can with Samsung toner cartridges today. It is the best way to make life easy and productive. The cartridges are recommended for you.

How to Get Genuine and Best Quality Brother Toner Cartridges Online.

Brother Toner by 4UToner offers the best solutions for you printing services. If you are looking for the right cartridges for you printer, there are a number of things you are supposed to check. Some of the factors that may result to consider changing the toner cartridges include printer showing low toner, repeated shortcomings in meeting the desired print out in every page, poor appearance of pint out pages and poor color orientations. With all these factors one has to get the best quality brother toner cartridges for efficient printing services.


Shopping online from 4UToner is easy and fast making your business easy and profitable. Some of the brother toner cartridges by 4Utoner include toner and drum cartridges combo, laser toner cartridges, color toner, and black refill toner. You can order for these toners online and delivery made within the shortest time possible. If you want to save time and money, then 4Utoner will give you the best option to shop brother toner cartridges.

How do you replace brother toner cartridges?

First you are supposed to make sure that the printer is off. Then you can remove the old toner from the printer and replace it with the new toner cartridge. While you in the process if replacing the new toner cartridges remove the strip. After, you are supposed to fix the toner cartridge and cover it. Finally, you can switch on the printer and try out printing few pages to check whether the cartridge is functioning properly.


The brother toners cartridges are generally known for giving an exceptional print quality and high quantity of output at given time. When you acquire this type of toner you are assured of getting maximum number of printed pages. The brother toner cartridges are mostly used in photo printing for its exceptional quality. For all kinds of printing, it is the best. The brother toner cartridges have polymeric binder which enhances the image quality as well as ensure there is balance in the toner distribution hence perfect final image.

HP Toner

Acquiring the brother toner cartridges you will effectively meet the growing industry demands as the toners are designed with advanced technology. It is time to boost your printing productivity by going for the brother toner by 4utoner. If you are looking for laser printing, you will get unique printing results with brother toner cartridges. Get the best quality brother toner cartridges online at an affordable price today!

What Type of Toner Cartridge Do You Need?

Picking the right printer toner can be difficult, with so many varieties to choose from, and also individual toners with an almost possible combination of those variations available. This article will help you find both the right category of toner cartridge you need and the right model that is compatible with specific printers.

Types of printers

Printers are categorized in three most useful ways. First they are categorized by the purpose they are going to do (general or special), secondly they are categorized by the intended use (home or office), and thirdly they categorized according to technology applications. If you are going to define you need around these three options, you will find the right printer.

Categorizing printers by purpose, the general purpose models are meant for general services like printing text, graphics, and photos. Special printer purpose printers include the 3D printers and the portable printers. For those who are looking for a model to print let say photos, consider whether you want to print only photos, or you also want a printer that can produce other kinds of output.

Choosing the right toner cartridge

Toner is a type of powder used in printers and photocopiers and is usually sold in cartridges that can either be colored or black. When you are looking for the right toner cartridge for your printer, you have to check several things which include the type of printer you have. In addition to the type of printer, you should set a budget, choose colors, and decide where you will buy the toner from.

Mostly, a lot of buyers identify the type of cartridge they want and then set a budget for the product. Some people find it difficult to find the right toner cartridge size, model or who will help in the selection process. So you have to have complete information of your printer before you buy a toner cartridge. For example if you have Canon printer, you have to go for a canon imageclass toner which is compatible to it and not an IBM toner.

The type of toner you are going to buy depends on the manufacturer specifications on the printer. To save money when you are looking for a good toner like the Imagistics Oce Toner type, make sure you regularly check for special offers.

When you are installing a toner cartridge, all the manufacturer instructions must be followed. It is also always of a good idea to make a note on how the old cartridge is installed before dismantling it.  Make sure you are making the right decision when it comes to selecting the type of toner you want. With the right toner cartridge for the right printer you work will be efficient, and quality will be high.Read more at http://www.4utoner.com .