Toner Cartridges – All You Need To Know

The extent of most of the shoppers’ knowledge about cartridge is original cartridges are costly and compatible cartridges will damage my printer. There is obviously far more to it than that, so we have put together an excellent resource to provide you as much or as little info as you require to see what the dissimilarity actually is.

All you should know about toner cartridges:

An original toner cartridge is made by the same company that manufactured your printer. e.g. an original cartridge for an OKI printer is made by OKI.

A 3rd party toner cartridge is a cartridge is made by a different company for your printer. e.g. a toner cartridge for an OKI printer, but not manufactured by OKI.

Compatible ones are just as dependable as the genuine ones as long as you shop them from a reputed supplier. In fact, they’re the best way to save cash on your printing without having an impact on the printing quality or the performance of your device. Users usually cannot tell the dissimilarity between compatible and genuine cartridge performance.

Cartridge types & names:

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM): These types of cartridges are made by the same brand that has manufactured your printer device. So an original cartridge for a HP printer is made by HP.

Genuine: This is another name for an original OEM cartridge

Compatible: This’s a brand new cartridge manufactured by 3rd party manufacturers. They’ve no connection with the original printer manufacturers, and the cartridges haven’t been used before.

Refilled: These are original cartridges which have been employed once, returned, cleaned and refilled. Usually ink cartridges are refilled.

Remanufactured: These original cartridges which have been used once, returned, cleaned, all functional parts substituted & then refilled. These are usually toner cartridges, with the toner parts that experience wear & tear during the printer process being replaced.

Why there is such a huge price difference?

Genuine toner cartridges are a manufacturers’ profit. With research & development costs the manufacturers have to make their money back somehow, leading to high consumable costs once a consumer has committed to a printer. Compatible products have  no such expenses so can charge much lower costs when producing cartridges en mass.

Be cautious though, it’s not difficult to find sub-standard compatibles at dramatically low prices, so always ensure to only buy from reputable websites with returns policies and guarantees. At you can find a range of high quality compatible & remanufactured printing office supplies at a pocket-friendly price. Whether you are looking for high-quality Ricoh Toner or OKI Toner we got you covered. Feel free to visit our official website now!

Advertisements Explains How to Save On Your Toner Expenses

There’s no doubt that toner is the costliest part of having a laser printer in your home or office. Statistics show that the typical lifespan of a laser printer is approximately 5 years. Over that 5 year time span, you’ll pay 7 times as much for toner & toner cartridges as you disbursed for your laser printers. If you laser printer lasts over 5 years, you’ll pay even more.

Below listed are a few ways to help you save on your toner expenses.


1 – Before you buy a replacement toner cartridge, perform a little homework. You should know what kind of toner or toner cartridge you’re purchasing. Everyone’s printing requirements are different. For instant, you may wish to employ one kind of toner for draft printing & employ a high quality toner for your final print. In spite of what you think to do, you’ll always save cash when you make an informed buying decision.


2 – Purchase compatible toner cartridges. Keep in mind that, compatible toner cartridges are brand new cartridges manufactured by 3rd party firms. They’re made to the precise OEM spec of your laser-printer. The technology of manufacturing for compatible toner cartridges has improved significantly in the last few years. The technology employed by the compatible toner firms is as good as the technology employed by premier printer makers.


3 – Purchase remanufactured toner. Third-party printer firms manufacture remanufactured toners. They take void toner cartridges, devoid any excessive toner waste & then refill the cartridge with the toner manufactured for your printer. These toner cartridges are then put through a quality check process to make sure the drum & other cartridge parts are properly working.


4- Purchase a toner refill kit. A toner refill kit offers you the tools & instructions needed to refill your personal toner cartridge. It generally requires less than 10 minutes. Be certain to pursue the step-by-step instructions cautiously. You can anticipate to refill a toner about 3 times before it should be substituted.


5 – Substitute the toner drum rather than the whole cartridge. Numerous toner cartridges enable you to substitute just the drum in place of the entire cartridge. And replacing only the drum will save you money for sure.


6 – Purchase in bulk. You can generally save money on your toner by bulk purchasing. For instance, you can buy more 5 or 6 toner cartridges in place of a single piece. You can buy multiple toner to refill your toner cartridge. Once you’ve a toner refill kit, all you require in the future is the toner. You can generally avail the toner from the same firm where you bought your toner refill kit. For more information visit at:-