How To Confirm The Toner Level On A Brother Printer?

When it comes to unique laser printing results, Brother Toner cartridge strikes the mind. Known for its dependability and impressive printout quality, this toner cartridge is the one that compels many Brother Printer users to choose amongst others. However, it is always best to think carefully before taking any decision when purchasing ink for your printer toner.

If you’ve a Brother printer, you might have a little trouble deciding when you’re out of ink. Since Brother Printers usually have 4 ink cartridges of diverse colors in each printer & the low ink indicator doesn’t let you know which one is short of ink, you may be baffled. However, there’s a simple way to determine which of your Brother Toner cartridges are low in ink & which one needs to be substituted. Here is a step by step process to follow:

Step 1:

By clicking over “Start,” “Programs” & “Brother Control Center” on your computer open the Brother Control Center. If you can’t find the program, click over “Start” and then type in type “Brother Control Center” in the search box. Click on the title to get into the program.

Step 2:

Click over the “Device Settings” option once you’ve opened the Brother Control Center. You’ll be provided with a list of options to choose from.

Step 3:

Click over the icon that suggests “Ink Level.” This makes a printer shaped icon to appear in your task bar (the bar at the foot of your computer monitor). Click over the printer icon & you will be provided with a diagram of the ink level of each of the ink cartridge in your Brother printer. From here you can easily tell which ones are all right & which ones are low and should be substituted sooner than later.

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