How to Reset The Toner Light On Your Brother Printer?

Every printer company out there in the market wants to make money & there’s nothing wrong about that. However, paying the printer company without any real reason shouldn’t be the case. Brother makes great small office laser printers. They also produce larger printer, but their small office printers are very simple to maintain & they last quite long as well. The one problem they’ve is that Brother Cartridges are quite costly. I say they’re expensive because in my case, they cost me more than what I have paid for the printer. I deny to purchase a cartridge that cost more that I compensated for the printer. The issue is that if you refill the Brother toner cartridge that avail with the printer, the toner light will remain active & you still won’t be allowed to print your things. However, I find a solution for that.

Here in this post I’m going to demonstrate you how to reset your Brother toner when the toner light activates. This’ll let you to employ normal toner cartridges without jumping through a crazy hoops & it’ll enable you to easily refill the cartridge your printer came with again and again. You don’t require reset gears that some firms sell & you certainly don’t require to purchase costly cartridges sold by Brother. I like Brother, but I don’t like to spend more than the price of the printer when I require more toner.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to reset the toner light on your Brother printer:

1 – Turn off your Brother printer

  1. Open the front cover of the printer3. Press & hold Go and turn on power. Do not allow the button go.

    4. When all three lights light up, discharge the Go button.

    5. Press the Go button two times (You will notice the Ready light blink green every time you press the Go button)

    6. All of the lights will light up

    7. With all of the lights on, press & release the Go button five times  (You will see the Ready light blink green every time you press the Go button)

    8. The Error light will start blinking (Don’t be panicked. This is anticipated.)

    9. Close door & wait. The printer will cycle through & make the sound it makes when you initially cut it on. After that sound stops, your green Ready light will be on & solid.

    10. You’re now ready to print.

So there you go! Support the Brother Corporation because they make fantastic printers! Hope you enjoy reading this guide!