How To Clean Your Brother Tone Cartridge?

It is unnecessary to say that your Brother Toner cartridge is a crucial component of your Brother laser printer. Brother toners can be rather costly and that is why it is smart for the users to understand how they can make use of these office supplies to their fullest. One best way of doing so is by maintaining the hygiene of your Brother Toner cartridge and the toner tray of your printer.

So, here is how to clean your Brother Toner cartridge to improve its lifespan:

  • First deactivate your printer and ensure to unplug its power cable from the electric supply. Allow it to be for one or 2 hour prior to proceeding with the task to ensure its heat rollers have cooled down to ignore unwanted burns.
  • Before starting, ensure to wear a face mask & latex glove because toner compounds can prompt some health risks particularly to those who’ve bronchitis and asthma.
  • Put the cartridge aside on a secure place & wipe out its outer shells with the help of a dry rag. Keep in mind that this action should be done with utmost care.
  • Next, using a solid vacuum cleaner, slot in its nozzle into the cartridge compartment & vacuum any paper dust or spilled toner inside your Brother Printer. Be cautious not to detach any of the internal components of the machine with the vacuum nozzle.
  • Use a small brush to gently dislodge any residual toner particles from the edges and corners of the toner chamber. Then vacuum the area for another time.
  • Put the toner cartridge back to the toner chamber then close & latch the cover prior to plugging it to the electric supply.
  • Wipe out any toner remains from your workspace with a rag. If the toner had blotted, ensure to clean it with chilled water or dampen a paper towel with alcohol or acetone then rub it in the area. Never try to clean it with hot water because the heat can damage your costly toner.

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Advertisements Explains About the Eco-Friendly Nature of Oki Toner and Printing Products

Our planet earth is becoming more and more pollutant day by day. To stop this happening any longer or save our universe we all have to take some initiatives. As nonrenewable sources are running out of our hand, we also have to find the alternate answer.

“I’m here to guide you how even your printer toner can be environment-friendly. Oki is an eco-friendly leader in the printing industry. Their toners are developed with a green environment in mind. Not just do they’ve less chemical constituents in them, but they’re also a big contributor in terms of energy saving” said a spokesperson of

To screen the impacts of OKI toners have over the environment, they’re checked with “The Lifecycle Assessment”. That’ll assess the effect of the product has over the environment all through its lifetime.

Keep in mind that the harshest impact happens to the environment when we use our printer. A way you can help saving energy is by unplugging your printers in between uses. That’ll save your toner from being dried up and eventually save energy.

An important thing that catches attention with Oki toner is its green packing. Their packaging design encompasses easily recyclable stuffs such as wooden pallets, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and also polythene coatings.

“There’re so many ways help the atmosphere, and printing firms are prepared to go for those challenges. By purchasing printing products such as the Oki toner you’re not just acquiring a quality print work, but you’re helping the eco-friendly campaign as well” the spokesperson said further.

However, you also need to be cautious about that you’re buying your Oki toner cartridges from a reputed seller only. It’s really essential that you purchase the authentic printer products that are accessible brand stores and renowned suppliers’ shop or websites. Purchasing original Oki product is also vital since counterfeit products can make damage to your printer or its hardware. Even if you are purchasing from a recognized shop, always verify the security hologram on the product package. There’ll also be a brand’s multidimensional hologram, with which one can test the genuineness of the item.

“If you have to slash the printing expense, don’t ever go with counterfeit cartridges, you can employ either recycled or OEM cartridges for desired outcome” the spokesperson said to conclude his tips.

Different Types Of Laser Tones & Their Advantages

Laser toners are the most vital components of any laser printer brands. You can find laser toner in powder and liquid form packed into a toner cartridge. And the cartridge is accountable for holding & controlling the toner or the ink. It’s composed of durable plastic and integrated into a cartridge shelf inside the laser printer to get printing process begin.

Different types of laser toner:

Well, there’re 2 types of laser toners. The dry one is usually employed for home or business printers. It’s made of plastic powders, a mixture of styrene & acrylic compounds. It provides diverse colors via the assistance of supplementary pigments. The carrier aids the toner bits to be charged & be affixed into the printing substance.


There’re many benefits of employing a dry laser toner. It generates more materials since it doesn’t require to go through the paper fiber. It denotes less volume of toner is employed to print out a page. It prints quicker & there is requirement for drying time. Besides that, there’s no danger of unintentionally tinting the printouts. Dry laser toners are also eco-friendly in nature. They feature no injurious solvents and have more stable colors.

Liquid toner is the next type of laser toner out there in the market. It’s primarily of pigmented acrylic resin compounds. The pigmentation allows the liquid toner to produce colors. The resin compounds are positioned into a sheltering liquid. The benefits of employing liquid laser toner are: the printer does not require to warm up while printing and the printed images or texts are tough to fade out.

As there’re a host of manufacturers, the laser toner may differ in terms of its formation and composition. The formations of the toner may be different from one device to another device and from one manufacturer to another. Earlier laser toners are available in bottle, but now they’re replaced by cartridges. When compared to the original or branded refill-cartridges of photocopier & printer brands, compatible toners are quite affordable. Today you can find laser toners in different compatibility & types in accordance with the printer brand you use.

Regardless of what printer brand you use, you can find affordable compatible laser printer toners at You can trust for a large variety of compatible and re-manufactured toners including Oki Toner, HP toner, Panasonic Toner, and Samsung Toner among others. Call us now for a comprehensive detail regarding our compatible toner and office supplies.