What Are The Different Kinds Of Toners? Know Your Options

Ever speculated what the differences between toners & cartridges are? You aren’t alone, there’s so much confusion concerning the subject and this post hopefully clears up things for you. In this post, we will split up the different kinds of toners, and hope you’ll get rid of the confusion. So, let’s find out:

Original Toners:

Original toners & ink cartridges are generally manufactured by your printer maker. (e.g. HP, Epson, or Dell). You can also find “Original” toners from other companies instead of your original printer manufacturer. These firms have been given license or permission from the printer maker to make toners for their printers. All original toner cartridges are made from scratch, with new materials; though some makers, for example, HP recycle some parts of their cartridges to save money. The costs are still higher in comparison to remanufactured toners.


Remanufactured toners:

Remanufactured toners & ink cartridges are usually made by individual companies instead of your printer maker. Remanufactured toners & ink cartridges are also known as “compatible” toners by some vendors. At the time of remanufacturing a toner, all the parts inside the toner are replaced, for example, the roller, the wiper blade and the drum. After been refilled, the toner is re-assembled, and then it is all set ready to be sold.

Refilled toners:

As the name says, refilled toners & ink cartridges are quite simply; refilled. The procedure happens by opening the cartridge and generally making a hole in the chamber where the ink will be stored. Then the containers are filled with new toner and sealed up. A drawback with having your toner cartridges refilled is that parts, for instance; the roller or drum, are not guaranteed for how long they’ll work past the toner’s first use because of the wear & tear over time. This might guide to your toner malfunctioning without any warning. This’s why refilled toners & ink cartridges are priced much lesser compared to the remanufactured one.

Hopefully, things are pretty clear for you and now you have a better understanding of Original toners, remanufactured toners, and refilled toners. Now you will also have a better understanding of what ink option you should go for next time your printers run out.

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