Buying Samsung Toner Cartridges? Know How to Avoid the Counterfeit Ones

There’re so many people that presently purchase Samsung toner cartridges online with the faith that they’re authentic and what they get is absolutely original. The main issue is that it’s tough to recognize the fake cartridges. A majority of people utilize new cartridges without realizing that they’re not originals. To help you, here I have discussed about different safety features that are involved and that you must take care of. Though there’s not much you can do while buying online, you can still ignore purchasing fake cartridges the next time you shop online.


The Security Label:

Each single authentic Samsung toner cartridge that’s shipped will have a stamped, undamaged security label. The aspect that makes it exceptional is color-shifting. When the viewing angle is changed by 60 degrees, you can find a transformation in colors from white to either blue or cyan. Furthermore, “Samsung” is stamped on that label and by touching the surface you can feel it.

The Packaging:

The packing employed is an apparent indication that you’re provided with an authentic cartridge. You’ll never have Samsungtoners reset chip transported in unmarked or white packing that’s widespread. The shipping is performed with the utilization of new & sealed packing that consist a bar-code and a single serial number that’s unique for each unit. Never purchase from a store if the packing is blank and doesn’t have any indication that it’s original.

The Cost:

It’s very essential to consider what price ticket you’re provided with. When you find that the cost is too good to be true, you’re most likely to get a fake printer cartridge. Check out the average price in your country. Though there’s no issue in taking benefit of a good discount, when the bargain is too high, there’s surely a red flag.

The Store That You Purchase From:

You must never purchase from a shop that appeared in the market just recently and don’t have any recognition. Those shops that have been there for a long time should be your first choice because you can know what other consumers have to say about their service.


You can ignore 99 percent of all the scams over the web if you consider that facts that I’ve explained above. The best thing about online shopping is there are no short of options when you’re looking to buy something right from the comfort of your living room. If you can see that there’re indications that a particular shop might sell fake Samsung toner cartridges just look out for another one.


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