Ricoh Toners and Printers – Absolutely Result-Driven and Environment Friendly

One of the globe’s leading manufacturers of office imaging products, Ricoh has a broad range of printers, digital imaging and communication tool and is primarily focused on big business but that does not mean they have left small ventures or home office requirements untreated. Nonetheless, Ricoh has the ideal solution for any sort of business small or large. The collection of product is massive, which means they do not believe in 1 or 2 sizes fits everybody.


Ricoh’s multipurpose printers aren’t just manufactured to fax, scan, copy and print. They’ve taken all these actions to another level with duplexing, multitasking, color fixing, saving energy and resources. The machine remains at a particular temperature to be certain to not soften the adhesive on envelope and even can seize an incredible quantity of paper so you’re bound to cut that task out of your schedule for a minimum of one month. The Ricoh toners are specially composed to not bleed or run and they remain professionally matte looking for many years without weakening. The cartridges spray tinnier dots that stick to the paper more securely. They’ve greater pigment content so the shades are much brighter and stand out from the rest as well.

Lexmark Toner

With ultimate customer satisfaction in mind, Ricoh equip its imaging stuffs with ACS (Auto Color Sensing) technology to expand toner or ink use on every printing assignment. Ricoh’s own “Economy Color” technology decreases color expenditures nearly to that of black & white prints. Quick outcome and wise ink management doesn’t put an effect on Ricoh’s printing excellence and with high resolution of about 2400 dpi image detail & vibrant color are assured with GelSprinter technology. Consequently, their latest Aficio GX e7700N model prints out at 3600x 1200 dpi at 29 pages per minute and that implies speed and clarity. Each Ricoh printers is environmentally aware on several levels which encompass power saver technology and Ricoh even provides recycling of your tedious old office supplies. Ricoh is absolutely proud of its environmental record while contributing wonderfully to your small business printing needs.

Now you must be wondering from where to find Ricoh printer and toners at the best price possible. Well, there are a great number of online retailers that are offering Ricoh office supplies or imaging products at a bargained price. You can also look for OEM products that are readily accessible over the internet. Last but not least, make sure you have selected a reliable supplier of Ricoh office supplies.


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