Ink Cartridge or Toner Cartridge: Which One to Use?

Printing machines are more of a common stationary today to offices and even for our homes. A day-to-day use of this machine is too high and god knows what we all would do at office without a printing machine. But it always happens right when we need the printer most – pages start to come out with faded fonts and colors. There is no time for excuses after that and you have to replace the cartridge of the printer. In market, there are two types of refills available; one is ink cartridge while the other is named as toner cartridge. Although both of them serve the same purpose, but there are significant differences in between them. Let’s put some light on that.


Ink Cartridge

Usually filled in inkjet printers, ink cartridges contain liquid ink absorbed in a sponge. Being when used, the print head simply deposits ink as it needs to go on the page. Color cartridges have three colors in addition to black. If any of the colors run out, the others are simply useless. But color printers still can create black color from combining the other threes. It’s possible to refill ink cartridges using the kits available in market. Though the process is little bit of tricky and doesn’t always produce a working cartridge, while as refilling process is quite cheaper than buying a new one.

Toner Cartridge

Usually used in laser printers, toner cartridges are filled with fine powders instead of ink, which can be magnetically charged. At the time of printing documents, an electrically charged drum picks up the fine powder and rolls them onto to the page as same to your selected patterns and fonts. Then a laser fuses these particles with heat to complete the printing process. It’s also can be refilled and the refill process is cheaper than buying a new set.

Difference Between These Two

The biggest mismatch between these two is the capacity. Ink cartridges typically last for 500-700 pages. They also stop work if the cartridge head dry out or become clogged. That’s why, it’s essential to use the ink printer at least once in a week. While toner cartridges last for more than 2,000 pages and won’t have dry out or clogging problems. Toner cartridges are little bit of expensive, but branded toners such as Samsung toner, Canon and Kodak toner lasts for a very long shelf life, which is quite a value for your money. For high volume printing and office uses, laser printers and toner cartridges are excellent for use. Even the toner cartridges use less harmful materials and pollutants. They are also designed to perform well and offer you great quality prints at a reduced time period, which gives it upper hand over the ink cartridges. is a reputed online shopping portal, which offers branded printing accessories including branded print cartridges such as Samsung toner cartridges, Epson, Brother, Ricoh and others. For further details and to order Samsung toners, visit


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